Topic: Invite Participants

The unique survey link

Each survey has a unique and fixed survey link. It is generated when you create a new survey and will not change, unless you customize it in the settings. Finally, after activating 'The survey link' is definately fixed.

If you don't want invite in any of the ways provided by easyfeedback, you can simply copy the survey link and activate it your way. Send it by e-mail, place it in social networks or print it to a mailing. Any kind of use is completely up to you.

Representation in the results
All visits originating from the normal survey link will be shown as one visitors source (target group) in the evaluation.

If you want to spread your survey throughout multiple channels and analyze the individual traffic sources, use the different invitation options from easyfeedback. Only that way we can show you all the different traffic sources one by one.
Background information: Each easyfeedback invitation is provided with a unique identification. We use this identification, to distiguish the survey participations, according to the individual channels. None of the identifications stores any personal information of the participants.