Topic: Invite Participants

Create participant list

You can invite your target groups by using lists with participants in the e-mail invitation tool of easyfeedback. You can create as many participant lists as you want and assign them to the individual surveys.

Once you add additional information and deposit it in the participant list you can personally address participants in the email invitation and the survey (mail merge function).

Furthermore, the participant lists still provide the opportunity to personalize the participation in the survey and to store additional information about each participant, which can be used as filtering criteria for the results.

Creating and using participant lists
You can store up to 10 items for each participant in the list. You can use it, but it can be left blank as well. However, only the email address must be included in order to send the invitations.

participant list survey
  • Email (Required for sending emails)
    This information is required to send the invitations.
  • Salation, first name, last name (Optional: personally adressing in the invitation and survey)
    Include data here, to personally address each participant. Using these placeholders, you can address the participants personall, bothy in the email invitation and in the survey. Participation in the survey is still anonymous, since these data is ONLY used for the personal invitation!
  • Reference Text (Optional: personalization)
    If you store data in this column, the participation in the survey is personalized. This data will be displayed in the individual results, at free text answers and in the export files of the results. Possible personalizations are for example: 'John Doe', 'company XY' or a number '8521-00'.
  • Custom1, Custom2, Custom3, Custom4, Custom5 (Optional: Values based on which the results can be filtered, for example, 'department, executives, gender, etc.')
    In the last 5 columns you can store individual values, that can be used to filter the results later. It allows you to prevent incorrect entries during the participation in the survey. For example names of a department, company, executive or any other values needed to filter the final results.
    The values 1-5 can also be displayed in the email invitation and survey directly.

Please proceed as follows, to create an new participant list:
  1. Click on the menu  Participants Lists 
  2. Click on  Create new participants list 
  3. Import your list or enter the participant manually
Assign a unique name for each list. This will help to manage several lists and to import it into the right survey. The name for each list can be adjusted in the top part of page, clicking the 'pen' icon once you opened the list.

Enter participant manual
The predefined input fields (e-mail, first name, last name, reference text) you can be used to manually add participants to the list. Enter at least an e-mail and click 'Add'.

Import participants
You can easily import your participants, too. Please use only the following format to import list files: xls, xlsx and csv. Templates for download are already stored for you, to serve as templates.
Please note: Your list must exactly match the template's fields:
  1. Column: email
  2. Column: title
  3. Column: firstname
  4. Column: lastname
  5. Column: referencetext (personalizing)
  6. Column: custom1
  7. Column: custom2
  8. Column: custom3
  9. Column: custom4
  10. Column: custom5

import participant survey

If you have already assigned your list of participants to the survey, changes will not be applied from a change in the list anymore. Whenever you want to change your list, please edit the participant list directly in the survey.