Topic: Invite Participants

Create email text and senders for invitation

Once you have imported a participant list to the survey, you have access to the invitation options. In the first menu, you can deposit email text, reminder text, personalization and senders information.

Name of sender
Enter your name or a project name as the sender. The name entered in here will be displayed in the recipient's email program as the sender of the email.

Email of the sender
Enter the email address of the sender. This will be displayed to the recipient. easyfeedback will not be displayed to the recipient at any time.

No delivery of emails for internal email invitations (employee survey)
If you use the email invitation tool for your employee survey or for testing, you may find ot that the emails are not being delivered to you or end up in spam. This has the following background:

If you send an email to yourself or colleagues with the same email domain with your email domain, then your mail server expects an internal mail, but the mail originates from the outside server of easyfeedback. The mail could look like spam and will be blocked or marked as spam. This is basically what should happen mostly, but in this case it is a little hazard.

Send 'via' … 
You can verify, that the email was intentionally sent through easyfeedback. For this practice we attach a 'Send on behalf of' to the mail. Usually this should already be enough, to get the mail delivered.

Example display of the email header:
From: John Doe on behalf of
Subject: Invitation to the survey
Date: 16. December 2014

Set authentication (SPF record)
In case the mails are still not being delivered, you need to authenticate the sending of mails from the easyfeedback server on your side. It might be necessary that you set a so-called 'SPF record'. Like this you will be allowed to use your mail addresses while sending via the easyfeedback server.

Please pass on the following SPF record to your IT departmen, togethr with the request to include this into the DNS entry of the name server:
v=spf1 -all

If mails are still not being delivered, there might be something within the in-depth settings or your firewall blocking these mails. Please consult your IT department on this issue.

Choose a subject line, that is displayed to the recipient in his email program.

Access codes
Shows you, whether participation was activated by access codes only. Once the 'access codes' option is activated, the placeholder for the personal access code will be included into the email automatically. If you have previously adjusted the invitation text, or added a HTML code, you would need to set the placeholder for the access code by yourself.

Invitation text
Write an invitation text for the survey. You can maintain, adjust or replace the predefined text. Remember the placeholders for personalization, survey link, password or access code.

Reminder text
If you want to use the reminder function, you can store the text for an automated reminder at the tab 'E-mail reminder'. Once the reminder is activated, this text will be sent after the predefined period of time. Remember the placeholders for personalization, survey link, password or access code.

Detailed information can be found in the following article.

Test mail
With the test mail function, you can always test the email invitation. Simply enter your email address and send a test mail to yourself. The placeholders [Title], [First_Name] [Last_Name] etc. will be filled with the first participant's data from the connected list.