Topic: Invite Participants

Filtering participants via variables in the survey link

In addition to the filter & branching within the survey, based on the results of questions, you can include filters into the survey link. This allows you, to provide different entry points into the survey, according to the participant groups.

You might want to evaluate your company processes through the eyes of your employees and suppliers, but the initial questions should differ for the two participant groups. For employees the first question would be, which department they work in.For suppliers this question should be skipped.
The solution is provided by a the link based filter, with different survey links for both. You can set different variables to hide whole pages, questions and answer options.

For example the setting would be:
Page > Page 1: Department > hide

After creating the survey link filter, a variable which activates the filter will be displayed. This variable can be added to every survey link, multi-link oder any other link generated by the easyfeedback survey tool. You are free to use the survey link filter, whenever you need.

You can create as many variables as you want. Choose separate entry points for each participant group or show them only some selected questions.

Please proceed as follows, to create a survey link filter:
  1. Click in the  Overview  of your survey and the tab Invite participants
  2. Navigate to the 'Survey link filter' section
  3. Type in a name for the survey link filter and click on  Create new filter 
  4. Click on  Filter , define the filter settings and  save  
  5. If desired you can rename the displayed variable

Once the survey link filter has been created, it is active with the displayed variable. Copy the variable including the '/?' and add it to the survey link.

Combining multiple variables and parameters
The survey link filter is activated by using the variable. The structure of the variables is like the parameters to filter results. Both of these techniques can be combined.

You want to show a different initial question to each participant group and filter the results by some parameters. Then your survey link could look like this:

With 'group1' the survey link filter will be activated, with 'city' the origin is specified and with 'gender' the gender of the participants is handed over.
It is possible to enhance the variable in the survey link filter with a parameter. This parameter can be used for filtering of the results: