Topic: Invite Participants

Personalized Placeholder for the Email Invitation

Placeholders provide the convenience, that you can induvidually address each participant and send personalized information (password, access codes, etc.). How to set the placeholder: Follow this link >

Placeholders are predefined areas, which will automatically be filled with information from the system. Ensure the correct spelling of all placeholders, to make them work properly. Placeholders always start with a square bracket [ (alt + 5 on Mac keyboards) the name of the placeholder, e.g. Title, and end with a square bracket ] (alt + 6 on Mac keyboards).

If a placeholder has been set, but there is no information available, the placeholder will be a blank space.

Personal address: [title], [firstname] [lastname], [referencetext], [custom1], [custom2], [custom3], [custom4], [custom5]
When you personally address people in the email and survey, you can use the nine placeholders above. You can use all of them or only one. Depending on the kind of information you have stored in the list, the content will be displayed in the email and survey. The reference text can personalize the whole participation.
  • Example 1
    You have built up your participant list as follows:

    Title: Mr., firstname: John, lastname: Doe, referencetext: Marketing

    Your e-mail can look like this:

    Good day [title] [firstname] [lastname],
    we would like to invite you to our annual employee survey for the [referencetext] department. Please click on ...

  • Example 2
    You've built up your participant list as follows:

    title: Dear Dr., lastname: Doe

    Your e-mail can look like this:

    [title] [lastname],
    we would like to invite you to our annual customer survey. Please click on ...

Survey link: [link]
Through the placeholder [link] the correct link to the survey is included automatically. You do not need to include it into the invitation text by yourself. In addition, this link is enriched with a cryptic code sequence to identify participant and visitor source.
Just by putting the placeholder [link] no personal data of the participant will be connected to the results. The survey remains anonymous.

Multi-Links: [Multi-link:label]
The placeholder Multi Link works just like the normal link. The main difference is, you can send the Multi Link automatically with the invitation tool.

Password and access code: [password] [accesscode]
These two placeholders are inserted automatically. A general password or individual access codes for each participant will fill them in the email. Once you have activated one of these two options, the correponding placeholder will automatically be included into the email. If you have previously adjusted the invitation text, or added a HTML code, you need to include the placeholders for the password and access code manually.