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Passing of parameters and Personal ID when forwarding at the end of the survey

Passing parameters and the Personal ID at the end of the survey (redirection) allows you to transfer the additionally stored data of a participant to a second survey or to a website (URL).

You add a user ID from your system to the survey link to be able to assign the results of the survey to a user. At the end of the survey, you redirect the participants (users) to a website or to a second survey. Here, you also need the user ID to display individual content or execute actions.

Passing parameters in redirection

To read and forward the saved paramaters from the survey, you have to set the variable name as a placeholder to the redirect link.

In our example, we have added a user-id "1234" to the survey link, at the beginning:

Survey link:

The following data has been stored in easyfeedback for the participant:

Variable = user-id
Parameter = 1234

If you want to read out the user ID "1234" again, you have to reference the variable "user-id". The system will then read out the parameter for the participant that is stored in the variable. To make this visible (read out), the variable has to be addressed by a placeholder: [user-id]

With the placeholder [user-id] "1234" is read out. So that this user ID can be recognized again as a parameter in the second survey or in an external tool/website, the user ID must be assigned to a variable. Therefore, set the desired designation for a variable in front of the placeholder and then save the parameter for it:

In this example, the user ID in the second survey should also be saved as a user ID:

Redirection link to a second survey:[user-id]

The redirect link will thus create itself automatically as follows:

The second survey stores the following:

Variable = user-id
Parameter = 1234

If the redirection should be e.g. to your website/portal and there the user ID is needed as "customer-id", you can simply adjust this to it:

Redirection to a website or portal:[user-id]

The redirect link will thus create itself automatically as follows:

Passing the Personal ID in redirection

Just as you can pass parameters in the redirection, you can also pass the Personal ID (link to the new article "Parameters and PI") from easyfeedback in the redirection.

You have built your survey link to the survey as follows:!piJohn-Doe

By setting the Personal ID at the survey link, the following was saved for the participant:

Personal ID = John-Doe

To output this value (John-Doe) with the redirection again, set the placeholder [personalid] to the redirection link:[personalid]

This results in the following URL:

As a rule, a system or website cannot work with the ".../John-Doe" addition alone. If this value is to be passed as a parameter in a variable, then create the redirect link accordingly:[personalid]

This allows a second system or website to directly process or correctly associate the information.