Topic: Invite Participants

Manually generate personal access codes for the survey

With the personal access codes, you can assign an individual code to each participant. You will need access codes, when ...

a) ... the survey should be protected against unauthorized access.
b) ... each participant should enter only once.
c) ... participants might interrupt the survey and continue from a different location or device.
d) ... several participants would have to share only one computer, and still everybody should have the chance to give feedback exactly once.
Each access code is valid only once, even when activating multiple participations!

Before distributing the access code, go to the survey settings and enable participation only by access codes. Then activate the survey.

Please proceed as follows, to create access codes manually: 
  1. Select the desired survey in the  Overview 
  2. Click on Invite Participant
  3. Click on the tab 'Survey link (manually)'
  4. Scroll down to the 'Access codes for the normal survey link and / or Multi-Links'
  5. Enter the desired number of codes
  6. Click  generate 

The created code list can be exported and distributed manually. If you need more codes, you can easily generate more. The list shows, which codes have already been used, and whether these participants completed the survey.

Automatic code entry via survey link
As an alternative to manuell code entry, this can be automized directly in the survey link. Your participants do not need to enter the code manual anymore. The survey links including the code extension are prepared in the export file and you just have to distribute them.

Please proceed as follows, to obtain the survey links and codes:
  1. Generate the desired number of access codes
  2. Export the code list and open it in Excel

In the first column you will find the survey links + codes.

You can also create and send the access codes automatically. For automatic sending, please use the e-mail invitation tool of easyfeedback. You can learn how to create and send the e-mail correctly, by seeing "E-mail text & Sender" and "Personalized Placeholder".