Topic: Invite Participants

Multi-Links: Additional survey links including corresponding Result-Links

Multi-Links are a numerous additional survey links that all lead to the same survey. The advantage of Multi-Links is: You can filter the results by each of the Multi-Links and each Multi-Link contains its own Result-Link, that only shows the results originating from it's invitation link.

Imagine, you want to perform a national customer survey across your franchise partners. At the end of the survey you want to be able to view the results for every store and in total. In addition, your store managers should be enabled to view their own customers' results, without seeing the national overview. Multi-Links are perfectly suitable for this situation.

Please proceed as follows:
  1. Create your survey and activate it.
  2. Go to 'Invite Participants > Survey link (manual) > Multi-Links' and create a Multi-Link for each branch. The reference text could possibly be the name of the store or a number.
  3. After creating the Multi-Link, copy the Multi-Link and result link to give it to the store manager.

The store manager can invite his local customers by e-mail, standard mailing or the own branch-website. Both the store mamager himself and you, can equally follow the survey now. By using the filter functions, you can view and export the totals, or just the results of one or more Multi-Links.

If the result links should be password protected, you can assign a unique password for each Result-Link. You could also allow the participation through access codes only. These are created in the Survey settings and activated by the option “Access code”. Just generate the required number of access codes and hande them over to the participants.