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Add parameters or personalization to survey link

In order to automatically personalize participation in surveys or to provide each participant with individual values, the easyfeedback survey link can be extended with any parameters or a personal ID.
This gives you the option of transferring additional information to the results and using it to filter or segment the results. In addition, the data can also be transferred to the export or retrieved via the API interface.

Two options are available for you:

    1.    Parameter & Variables
    2.    Personal ID
    3.    Examples of use

Add parameters to survey link

Parameters are a very flexible way of providing additional information via a link if this information can be processed by the respective system. easyfeedback can save any number of parameters for a participation and make them available again.

Thus, you can set any number of parameters in any order to the survey link. To identify a parameter a variable is necessary, behind which the parameter will be set.

To initiate the parameter transfer, place a "/?" at the survey link. This is followed by the variable name "City", a "=" character and then the parameter "NewYork". The "&" character can be used to append further parameters.

The following information is stored in the system:

Variable: City > Parameter: NewYork
Variable: Age > Parameter: 25

If you work with variables and parameters, not all participants must receive the same variables. Which and how many variables you use per participant is up to you. You can also use different combinations per participant or participant groups:

Technical information for variables & parameters:

• „?“, „p“, „p0“ and „p6“ can not used for parameters.
• max. 50 characters for variable names
• max. 150 characters for parameter names
• Special characters, such as ä, ü, ö, ß, <, $, !, (, ), ", [, ] , can be used.

Add a Personal ID to the survey link

Alternatively, easyfeedback also offers you a Personal ID as a supplementary value. As the name suggests, this is a personalization of the participant. Basically, the personal ID functions works like the parameters, only that it is triggered/saved by a special character string: /!pi
All information behind /!pi will be stored as Personal ID to the participant and will be available in the results and in the export (XLS, CSV, SPSS).

To set the Personal ID to the survey link, copy the survey link to a text file for editing. At the end of the survey link, add the Personal ID code /!pi and put your custom personalization after the code.

The personalization can consist numbers (0-9), letters (a-z, A-Z) with '/' or dashes (-).

Example of a personalized survey link:!piTest-ABC

The personalization "Test-ABC" ( in this example) will be shown in the individual results and export (XLS, CSV, SPSS).

Examples of use

easyfeedback offers you different functions for inviting your participants. Depending on the function, easyfeedback already "extends" the survey link with additional information. In the following examples, we show you how to set a parameter or personal ID to the different functions:

Survey link
This is the shortest form and can easily be extended with parameters and/or a Personal ID as described above:


Personal ID:!piNewYork-Hero

Personal ID + Parameter:!piNewYork-Hero&City=NewYork&Age=25

Other links (Multi-Links)
Additional links (multi-links) already contain an identifier for segmenting participants. However, you can also add parameters and/or a personal ID to them:


Personal ID:!piNewYork-Hero

Personal ID + Parameter:!piNewYork-Hero&City=NewYork&Age=25

Survey link incl. access code

When using manual access codes, you will receive the survey links directly with the addition of the access code, so that it does not have to be entered manually. And also here you have the possibility to extend the links with parameters and/or a Personal ID:


Personal ID:!piNewYork-Hero

Personal ID + Parameter:!piNewYork-Hero&City=NewYork&Age=25

Email invitation link
If you use the easyfeedback e-mail invitation tool, each participant receives a unique link. This link can also be extended with parameters and/or a personal ID. However, it is best to store the individual data via the participant list. Nevertheless, it is possible:


Personal ID:!piNewYork-Hero

Personal ID + Parameter:!piNewYork-Hero&City=NewYork&Age=25

Survey link filter
When using the survey link filter, a variable is created to run the filtering (hiding questions). Again, you can add parameters and/or a Personal ID to the survey link:


Personal ID:!piNewYork-Hero&filter

Personal ID + Parameter:!piNewYork-Hero&filter&City=NewYork&Age=25

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