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My e-mail invitation or test mail can't be delivered. Why?
If emails are not delivered, there may be different reasons. Check whether the email address is spelled correctly and the recipient really exists.

Possibly the email may have been sent, but it is on hold and will be delivered later. Some mail servers' configurations only allow a limited number of messages to be processed simultaneously, and transmit them in 'packages' at idle times.

If the previous points did not apply after a data check, maybe the mail was rejected by the recipient's mail server (spam). More in this article >

Can i manually add participants to the list later on?
Yes, you can manually add participants to a list later on. This must be performed directly in the participant list of the survey: Invite participants > E-mail invitations > ...
Changes made in the menu  Participant list  won't be transmitted. 

When will the e-mail reminder mails be sent?
The e-mail reminder will be sent according to the days you chose, when activating it, e.g. in 2 days.

Activate the reminder and set a date. At the day you chose, a reminder will be send to all participants who have not participated in the survey yet.

Can I import multiple participant lists and edit them individually?
Yes, you can import as many participants lists to a survey as you like. This way you will remain flexible when addressing seperate target groups through different surveys. You can create a list for each target group and invite them individually.

Can I enter a individual invitation text?
Yes, in the tab 'E-mail invitation' and 'E-mail reminder' there is a custumizable default text. This is only a template and you can edit as you desire.

How can I address my participants individually with the invitation text?
The title, first and last name will automatically be used for personal invitations. Leave the square brackets [title], [firstname], [lastname] as they are, and integrate them into your individual text, to make sure everything works. These expressions serve as placeholders to automatically match the personal data to the email address. You can test the function and send a test email to yourself, before sending the real invitation emails. Please pay attention to the blank spaces right before and after the square brackets. These blanks serve as the blank spaces between the individual entries.

Why it is not allowed to change the square brackets in the invitation text?
Software can only perform the instructions that has been given. When you address your participants personally, you will need exactly the right placeholders. The software provides already this kind of information within a template containing: [title] [firstname] [lastname] [link] [password] [accesscode] [referencetext]. The software cannot guess any conclutions from typos or missing brackets, therefore you need to write the placeholers exactly like in the template.

Can i define a sender for the invitation e-mail?
Yes, you can and even need to define a sender and an email address. These will be shown in the participant's email as sender's information.