Topic: Invite Participants

Import Participant List for Email Invitation into the Survey

After you have created the list, you need to import and assign it to the survey. Once you have assigned a list to the survey, the other functions of the e-mail invitation will become available.

Please proceed as follows, to import a participant list into the survey:
  1. Select the desired survey in the  Overview 
  2. Click on Invite Participants
  3. Click the tab 'E-mail invitations'
  4. Select the prepared list and click  Import 
  5. After the import is done, click on the participant list, to open the invitation options

The invitation options for this single list will be opened.
You can import as many lists as you want for each survey and invite the target groups separately and address them individually, as well.

If you want to remove a list, simply click on the 'X' icon in this list. The list will not be deleted. This survey and the list will just be disconnted.