Topic: Invite Participants

Pretest questionnaire / survey

A survey pretest is advisable to test the questionnaire, whether it is comprehensible and logical. This avoids mistakes and you can undoubtably invite the participants.

You have 2 options to perform a pretest:

1. Survey preview
The survey preview is identical to the live survey in construction and functionality (filters, required, etc.). You will recognize the preview when you see the green bar at the top of the screen. The survey preview is available at any time. Simply click to the top right of the questionnaire editor, on  Survey preview 

Click the 'Email Icon' next to the button for the survey preview to share the preview. Your e-mail program will open with a predefined text that contains the link to the survey preview. Just send this email to the test team.

Indeed, the survey preview behaves just like the live survey, but no results will be stored.

2. Live test
If you want to perform a pretest using the final survey with the results stored, proceed as follows:
  1. Create your questionnaire and layout. Then prepare everything as if you now want to invite for questioning.
  2. Now activate your survey, so that the test team can access the survey.
  3. Copy the survey link, or invite your testers with the email invitation tool

    Your testers will open the 'live' survey and take part, just like your 'real' participants will do later. In the results you will see your testers' replies.

    You can utilize the testers' feedback to make corrections and improvements to the questionnaire. Even after activating the survey, all the editing functions stay available.

    If you want to invite more testers, repeat step 3.
  4. After the pre-testing, you can delete the test results from your survey to start the 'live' survey with clear results. Simply go to the results of your survey and navigate to the  single results . At the end of the page, you can select all the single results and delete them. After deleting the results of the test, your survey is clear and you can start.