Topic: Results

Participant stats & traffic sources

You can monitor the clicks on the survey with the participation statistics and the traffic source. After at least one participant has opened the survey link, you will see the results within the stats. The data in the stats and traffic source will always be displayed in real time.

Information of individual values:

All survey visitors are being displayed in here. A visitor is being counted once the survey is called from any source. Visitors may also be people who are clicking through the survey without an answer.

All active participants are being displayed in here. Once a visitor answers a question, he becomes a participant. All participants are still counted as visitors. You can easily determine the rate of participation for this survey with these two numbers. 

Example: 100 people call the survey link. 60 out of those 100 people really take part of the survey. The statistics will show 100 visitors and 60 participants. The participation rate is 60%.

This value shows how many participants have completed the survey. Each participant will receive the status 'Canceled' at the beginning. Once a participant reaches the final page, the status automatically will change to 'Completed'.

This value shows you how many participants did not complete the survey. Each participant will automatically receive the status 'canceled' in the beginning. Only when reaching the final page this will change to 'completed'. If the final page is not reached, these participants will appear as 'canceled'.

Number of questions
This value states the amount of questions in your survey.

ø Participation time
This value shows the average participation time across all participants, who completed the survey. Beginning and end of each participation are being stored by timestamps. Whenever participants did not complete the survey, no end time can be available and they will not be included into the calculations for average participation time.

Participation Timeline, History (Chart)
This chart shows the timeline of participations in your survey. All canceled and completed participations are shown on a daily basis. You can export the chart by simply clicking the export button.

Hint: If you place the cursor on the chart and pull aside, you can zoom in.

Response History (Chart)
This chart shows the amount of participants who answered a question. You can derive the individual response rate for every question.

Dropout History (Chart)
This chart shows how many participants left the survey, and on which page. 

Note: Whenever using of jumps or logics, you mighty see pages, which have less participants than following ones.