Topic: Results

OneClick filter - quickly filter results

You can quickly filter the results at any time, it is just one click. We call it a OneClick filter. This method does not require you to manually create a new filter, you just click on one attribute within the data table and activate one filter or a combination of multiple filters.

Please proceed as follows, to activate a OneClick filter:
  1. Navigate to the Evaluation in your survey and then to the tab Results
  2. Select the desired answer option of a question
  3. Click a percentage in the data table and choose '+' or '–'

The results will be filtered after clicking on '+' or '–' directly.

When choosing '+' at a response option, the result is filtered based on the participants who have chosen this answer option. While clicking the '–' button, all participants, who have chosen this answer option are being excluded from the shown results.

You can enable as many OneClick filters as you like, and filter your results really quickly. Once you have chosen a OneClick filter, you are being offered the opportunity to save it as a new filter. If you have applied the OneClick filter to an existing filter, you can directly save this as an update to the filter.

The OneClick filter is only available in one of the two data tables for the double-assessment question. If you want to set a filter condition for both tables, please use the filter menu directly.

Free plan users
The OneClick filter is usable for all free users, but it cannot be saved. Storage is only possible with one of the survey packages.