Topic: Results

Create a new filter and apply it to the results

You can filter the results depending on individually desired filter criteria. Filter criteria can be selected individually or in combinations.

Info: Filter combinations are always 'and' connections. If you have set two or more filter criteria, only data compliant to both of them will be displayed in the results view. Filters for answers, participant lists and parameters can be set to an 'or' connection, as well.

There are two options available, to create a filter:

OneClick filter
The OneClick filter allows you to click on a result (percentage within the data table), and then filter the results
  1. Navigate to the Evaluation in your survey and change to the tab Results
  2. Select to the desired answer option of a question
  3. Click a percentage in the data table and choose '+' or '–'
The results will be filtered after clicking on the '+' or '–' buttons directly. After that, you can save the new filter settings.

Filter menu
In addition to the OneClick filter, you can also create a new filters, directly in the filter menu. Please proceed as follows:
  1. Navigate to the Evaluation in your survey and go to the tab Results
  2. Click on the greenish dropdown  Total result  and choose the bottom option 'New Filter >'
  3. Select the desired filter settings
  4. Click  Save 

Edit or delete filter
You can always edit an existing filter. Click the pencil icon next to the filter name in the greenish dropdown of the displayed filters. If you want to delete a filter, simply click on the X next to the pen icon in the green filter dropdown.

Filters can only be deleted if they are not used in any report. If you want to delete the filter, you must remove the filter from the report first or delete the whole report.

When you have apply a filter to the results, only the results matching the filter settings will be shown. This lasts as long as the filter stays active. Results of new participants will only added after you switched off the filter and re-activated it.