Topic: Settings

Questions & Answers


Can the survey timeframe be extended?
Yes. On request, we can customize the timeframe of every survey package individually. Simply talk to us.

At what point surveys can be activated?
In the Free Model you can always activate surveys, but limited in functionality. Activating with an ordered survey package is possible after activation. After the activation, you will receive an e-mail.

Can I edit my questions after activating?
Yes, you can still edit your questions after activating. Just select the questionnaire and edit the questions.
CAUTION: If you delete questions with results, the answers/ results are also deleted.

Can participants attend an paused survey?
No. If you have paused an ongoing survey, during the period of interruption nobody can participate.

What happens when the runtime of my survey plan expires?
Once the runtime has expired, all surveys are automatically finished if they have not been closed before. However, the duration only refers to the possibility of participation. - that is the time where the participants can provide feedback. You can also access the results via your account after the term. However, the export is restricted. Consider the time for the evaluation and export of your results with the duration of your plan.