Topic: Settings
Anonymized participation in surveys

The participation in easyfeedback surveys is anonymous by standard settings. However, sometimes it is desirable to clearly show the participants, that their answers are anonymous. Still you might not want to refrain from using convenience functionalities like email invitations or result filters. The anonymity function offers the security of anonymized participation including a signet, and still the convenience of all the other functionalities remains.

Once you activate the anonymity function, each participant will see a small signet 'anonymous participation' in the survey. By clicking on the signet / text, the participant can find out about the anonymity functions.

Please proceed as follows, to activate the anonymity function:
  1. Select the desired survey in the  Overview 
  2. Click on Settings
  3. Activate the 'anonymity function' under 'Anonymity'
  4. Click  Save settings 
The settings cannot be reversed! Not even after the survey is disabled. If you have accidentally activated the option but do not want it, you will have to copy the survey and create a new one.

The limit for displaying the results can only be increased, not decreased. If you have set the default value from 3 to 5, you cannot reduce it afterwards.

If you ask for a name or an email address in an free text question, the answers will still be displayed in the evaluation.

By activating the anonymity function, the following functions will no longer be available or limited:
  • E-mail Report single results
    The e-mail report is still available, but the additional option 'Send email report anonymously (personalization will not appear in the report.)' is active by default.
  • E-mail invitations
    You can still invite participants through the easyfeedback email invitation system. You can continue to use the fields 'Salutation', 'First name' and 'Last name' to personally address your participants in their e-mail. You can continue to use the value columns to filter the results. But the 'Reference Text' column will no longer be available for individual personalization. You could fill it, but the information will not be transferred anymore.
    You can continue to send e-mail invitations as usual, but you will not see a 'Click on survey link' and 'Survey completed' date. These two specifications will no longer be available in the export list of participants.
  • Results
    By default, the results of a question are only visible from 3 participants. With this we grant anonymity. The view of the individual results and the results in created reports are only visible from 3 participants / answers per question. You can increase the value as you wish, but never set it below 3.
    For text responses, the 'Reference Text' and the 'Personal-ID' are hidden, this way no reference could be established here.
  • Single results
    In the individual results view the following information will be anonymized: Visitor Source, Start Date, End Date, Parameters & Variables, Personal-ID and Reference Text
  • Export results
    By exporting the survey results, the following information are no longer passed on: Visitor Source, Personal-ID, Reference Text, Parameters & Variables, Access Codes and Values from Participant List.

Despite the anonymization, all filter options for the results (visitor source, reference text, parameters & variables and value specifications) are still available. You can filter your results, but if you filter less than 3 answers per question, results will not be displayed.