Topic: Settings

Single or Multiple Participation

For each survey you can specify whether the participants are allowed to participate only once or several times. The settings can be changed at any time.

Please proceed as follows, to change the settings for the participation:
  1. Select the desired survey in the  Overview 
  2. Click on Settings
  3. Under 'Participation' select the desired settings
  4. Click  Save settings 

The change is active immediately.
  • Only one entry per computer is permitted
    Select this option if only one-time participation is allowed. To prevent multiple participation, you can choose between cookie and IP block.

    The prevention of multiple participations is ensured by technical anchor points. For 100% security you can use access codes. This way each participation can clearly be identified and allowed a one-time participation across multiple devices.
  • Several participants per computer are possible
    This setting is suitable for using a survey on tablet during a trade fair for example. After every participation the survey can be recalled on the same terminal/ device and provided to the next participant.