Topic: Settings

Transferring panel participants' IDs into the survey

In addition to interviews of own clients and employees, you can perform wider market research surveys with easyfeedback. You could buy additional participants for your survey from a panel provider. These candidates need to get their incentives from the panel provider, to successfully conduct the survey. This is ensured by IDs of the participants, which will be returned on completion of the survey.
Completes: successfully completed interviews (incentive)
Screen outs: filtered out participants who do not fit to the target audience (no or little incentive)
Quota full: not possible

The transfer of IDs is performed in 2 steps:
  1. Transfer of the panel provider's IDs into the survey
    After you created your survey, copy the survey link into a text file and add/!pi at the end of the link followed by a placeholder for your panel provider's numbers, like [ID]. Then hand out the survey link to the panel provider.

    With the extension /!pi[ID] the participant's ID from the panel provider is passed into the survey.
  2. Forwarding of IDs in a 'Complete' or 'Screen out' to the panel provider
    For the participants to recaive their incentive from the panel provider, he must be notified if a participant has completed the survey successfully, or is not part of the target group. For both cases, you will get a link from the panel provider:

    Complete link
    A complete link is necessary for each successful interview. The complete link has to be entered into the survey settings. Go to the option 'Final page:' in the survey settings and activate the option for forwarding at the end of the survey. Enter the complete link here. To pass the required ID from the easyfeedback system into the link, put the placeholder [personalid] into the desired position.

    Screen out link
    First: 'Screen out' means the participant does not belong to the required target group. To determine this, screening questions are necessary. If you want to interview car owners only, you need a filter question: 'Do you own a car?'. All participants who will answer with 'no' won't belong to the target group.

    You will filter this, insert an intermediate page in the survey and guide the participants to this site, if they answer with 'no'. Now place a text element on the screen out page and inform the participants that they don't belong to the requested target group: 'Thank you. You do not belong to the target group for this survey. You can close the browser window.'

    Since the navigation buttons from the survey are still be seen on the screenout page, it would be advisable to create a "loop" so that the participant can no longer navigate within the survey. To do this, set a "jump" to the same page in the questionnaire editor (bottom right on the screenout page).

    If you want to refer the screenout participants back to the panel, place a link to the panel provider in the text element and ask the participants to click on the link:
    "Many Thanks. Please click the link to continue:[personalid]"