Topic: Settings

Show privacy information directly in your survey

If you collect, use and edit data, you must inform your participant about the use of the data (Privacy Policy). It doesn't matter, if you collect data anonymously or personalized. The participant has the right to be informed, when and where data is collected and how it will be used.
You can directly lin this information within the survey. The privacy policy information is available as a template from easyfeedback. This can and should be completed according to your company's own privacy policy.

Please proceed as follows, to use the link to the privacy policy information in the survey:
  1. Select the desired survey in the  Overview 
  2. Click on Settings
  3. Activate the option 'Privacy Policy' and enter the necessary information
  4. Click  Save settings 

After saving your text 'Privacy: Your answers are protected by using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption.'  in the footer will become clickable.
You can edit the text for the link in the footer in the survey settings at 'Texts & multiple languages'.