Topic: Settings

Custom survey domain


In addition to the design of the survey (logo, etc.), the survey link is also a component to strengthen trust among participants. In principle, all surveys are available via the easyfeedback domains. With your own domain for the survey link, you can choose a freely selectable domain to use for your surveys.

Default easyfeedback survey domain:……

If you want to use the option of your own domain for the survey link, you can choose any domain or sub-domain under which your surveys will be available. For example:


Important when choosing a domain or sub-domain:
No content (website content) may be located on the domain or sub-domain. The domain is forwarded to easyfeedback via DNS entry, and thus the content would no longer be visible.

3 steps to integrate your own domain or sub-domain

  1. Choose your domain or sub-domain
    Decide internally for a free domain or sub-domain. After you have made the choice, register the new domain or configure the sub-domain.
  2. DNS forwarding
    To connect your surveys to the new domain or sub-domain, the domain must be forwarded to the easyfeedback server via DNS entry.

    To forward the domain via DNS entry, use the C-Name-Record (redirection to the easyfeedback domain):



Once you have chosen a domain or sub-domain and you have set the DNS record, inform us about your selected domain.

To comply with security standards, all surveys via easyfeedback can ONLY be accessed via a secure connection (SSL certificate). For this reason, an SSL certificate is also required for the new domain or sub-domain.


  1. Order and set up SSL certificate
    You can either set up/order the required SSL certificate by yourself or easyfeedback will do it for you. If easyfeedback takes over the ordering of the certificate, there is an additional charge of 94.00 € / year.

    Order the SSL certificate via easyfeedback:
    If you want that easyfeedback takes over the order for you, please let us know. We will then take over all necessary steps and set up the domain incl. SSL certificate for you. The setup will be completed in about 1 day.

    Order the SSL certificate by yourself:
    If you would like to order or set up the SSL certificate yourself, please let us know as well. In order for the certificate you created to be set up on the easyfeedback server, it is necessary that you receive a CSR key from us in advance. With this CSR key, you can generate the SSL certificate and transfer it to easyfeedback.

    To create the CSR key for you, we need the information marked in red from you:

    OU= Organisation/Department xy
    O= Company Inc.
    L= City
    S= State
    PostalCode= 12345
    C= UK

As soon as the domain has been redirected to the easyfeedback server via DNS and the SSL certificate has also been installed on the easyfeedback server, you can use your own domain for your surveys.