Topic: Settings

Give each participant an individual voucher code

The 'Voucher codes' function allows you to hand over your own voucher codes to each participant.

Please proceed as follows, to use the voucher codes:
  1. Click in the  Overview  on your survey, switch to the Settings and navigate to the submenu 'Voucher codes'
  2. Import your own excel file with the voucher codes. 
    Structure: All codes on the first table in the first column, without column description and beginning in cell 'A1'.
  3. Place the placeholder [vouchercode] within the survey or in the e-mail response
  4. Activate the 'Voucher codes'

As soon as the option is active and the placeholder [vouchercode] exists in your survey or the e-mail response, easyfeedback hands out the voucher codes step by step.

Make sure that there are always enough voucher codes in the list. There is no message when the voucher codes are used up or will be soon.