Topic: Settings

Sent an email response to each participant after survey

The 'email response' feature allows you to send an automatic email response to each participant right after completion. You can thank your participants for the time, send a confirmation or hand over coupon codes.

Status: Enable / Disable
You can send an email to the participants after they completed the survey. Activate the function by clicking the 'Overview' of your survey, go to 'Settings' and the submenu 'Email response'.
When you set the status to active, the system checks the mail settings and tries to send an email.

Email recipient
The e-mail recipient can be defined in three ways:
  1. Participant list: If you invited through the easyfeedback email invitation tool, the stored email address can be used for the email reply. It is possible to transfer addresses through the custom columns of the participant list.
  2. Questionnaire: When you ask for the email address in the survey, using a text field, you can use it for sending, too. If the participant makes a spelling mistake and the e-mail address is not valid, no email can be sent.
  3. Manual entry: A third option allows you to set a fixed e-mail address to which all e-mails will be sent.

Sender Information
In the field 'Name of sender' you can enter your name or company name. 'Email of sender' will hold your email address which will be shown to the recipient.

Mailserver (optional)
If you specify a custom sender's email, maybe that e-mail will arrive in the receiver's spam or won't be delivered at all. This happens, because sending your e-mail through our server indicates a classic spam behavior. However, mostly the emails reach the recipient.
This can be avoided, if you specify your own mailserver data in the 'Mailserver (optional)' area. Like this, the emails will be sent directly from your server and without the risk of being recognized as spam.

Subject, mail text and multilingualism
You can use the subject line and mail text to transport the message, you want to send to the participant. On the left your survey language is displayed. You can create a unique text for each applied language. 

For example: If you have 4 languages in your survey, but only want to write one email response, save the text with the selected default language of your settings. The default language is indicated by the green dot. The system will only send this text, ignoring the language the participant completed the survey.

The system will automatically send out the mail text in the language, the participant completed the survey. If there is no text stored for this language, the system sends the text from the default language. 

You can use the placeholders to personalize the e-mail response for each participant. The placeholders are automatically filled with the corresponding information from the participant list, a voucher code, the question texts or the answer option the participant chose.

Test mail
You can test the e-mail response any time, just use the test mail function. Enter your email and send a test mail to yourself. Of cause not all of the placeholders can be filled with details, since this is a test mail without real attendance.

Check the sending status
If you want to check the sending status of the email response, please check the single results of your survey. Within the list view, you will receive a 'check' in the middle for every positive delivery, an 'hourglass' for pending confirmation of the delivery, or an 'X icon' if the email could not be delivered.