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How to analyse your surveys with Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager

If you want to analyse the traffic of your surveys or conversion-based events, you can connect your surveys with Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager.

You can enter your tracking ID per survey and decide which survey you want to analyse.

To connect your survey with Google Analytics or Google Tag Manager, please proceed as follows:
  1. Select the survey you are interested in and open the Settings tab.
  2. At the end of the settings you can activate tracking:

  3. Select the desired tracking service and enter the tracking ID:

    For Google Analytics, enter your tracking ID, which you can find in Google Analytics under "Administration > Property > Tracking Information > Tracking ID". The tracking ID starts with UA-XXXXXXXX.
    For Google Tag Manager, enter the desired container ID, which you can find in Google Tag Manager under "All accounts > Container name > Container ID". The container ID starts with GTM-XXXXXX.
  4. Save the settings

Google Analytics

Once you have saved the settings, the traffic from this survey is transferred to Google Analytics.

To see the traffic from the survey in Google Analytics, search for the survey ID or the individual part of the survey link you assigned, for example, under Behaviour > Website content.

In this example, the individual part of the survey link is: analytics-test

and the survey ID: 1020691

Survey Link

In Analytics, you will find the traffic from your survey under the details:

Google Analytics Traffic

Google Tag Manager

Once you have saved the container ID in your survey, this survey is linked to your Google Tag Manager account.

Using the All Pages trigger or an individual trigger via the survey URL/ID, you can create tags in Google Tag Manager to measure conversions based on the traffic or to make the traffic visible in Google Analytics.


If you want to post a survey on Facebook and analyse the traffic in Google Analytics, then proceed as follows:

1. Create a new tag for Facebook in the Google Tag Manager.
Select All Pages as the trigger. 3.
3. Post your survey on Facebook
4. As soon as the first participant is present, open Google Analytics and search for the survey ID under Behaviour > Website content.

Survey ID

Google Analytics Traffic Overview

The secondary dimension Source/Medium shows you that the traffic results from Facebook.

For more information on setting up the Google Tag Manager, click here:

What data is transferred to Google from your survey?

None. By linking your survey with Google Analytics or Google Tag Manager, no responses, results or participant data are transferred to Google. Only the traffic on your survey becomes visible through the link. Data from the survey, such as the questionnaire or participant data, are not transferred to Google.

In Google Analytics, you only receive the user-based data that you also generally collect via your website. If, for example, you have activated the AnonymizeIP option in Analytics, no IP addresses will be displayed in connection with the survey tracking.

Likewise, you will not see which page - within the survey - a participant is on or has cancelled. You will only see the general call, as with a landing page on your website.