Topic: Settings

Sending the individual results by e-mail report automatically

(Business and company package only)

With the option 'email report' you can receive the results of each participant by e-mail right after participation.

How the e-mail report works
Once a participant has completed the survey (reached the final page), the survey tool automatically sends the results of to the participant to the specified e-mail address.
If a participant has canceled the survey, the system will wait 5 days. If the participant doesn't complete the survey within 5 days, the system will send the given answers by email. If the participant finishes the survey after these 5 days, the system will send another email including the complete answers of this participation.

Please proceed as follows, to activate the email Report:
  1. Select the desired survey in the  Overview 
  2. Click on Settings
  3. Activate the option 'Email Report', define one oder more e-mail address and choose the language of the report
  4. Click  Save settings 

You can always deactivate or change the settings of the option.