Topic: Survey setup

Save survey as template and use it again

With easyfeedback you have the possibility to save surveys as a template and use it for a new survey.

To create a template please proceed as follows:

  1. Navigate to the overview
  2. To create a template click on the gray check mark on the right side of the survey that you would like to save as a template. As soon as the survey has been saved as a template the checkmark will turn green

By clicking on template at this moment the current state of the survey will be saved separately. If you now want to create a new survey from this template, click + Create new survey and then select your template.

Once you have saved a survey as a template and then continue working on the survey, the changes made to the template will not be included. The template function is a snapshot of the current state.

Tip: Update survey template
If you always want to keep the template for your survey up to date you can delete the template in the overview at any time and save it as a template again immediately afterwards.