Topic: Survey setup

Mobile survey layout (tablet & smartphones)

By default the survey layout automatically adapts to smaller devices (tablet & smartphone). Through adapting the layout and the size for each question type, everything will fit into the smaller screen resolution. This ensures that each survey appears on any device in the right size.

Automatic switch to mobile view
The adaptation to smaller screens is performed automatically. You don´t have to make any special settings, or create a separate layout for mobile devices. Once the survey is called from a smaller device, the representation of the smaller size adjusts automatically. The adjustment is set by a screen resolution of <768px.

Automatic adjustment deactivate (layout configurator)
It isn't always an advantage if the survey automatically adjusts to the screen-optimized version - like if you include the survey via an iFrame into your website's content. To deactivate the automatic adjustment, go to your survey layout and disable the option: Mobile view (Responsive Design)

Questionnaire preview already optimized for mobile devices
While creating a survey, you can simulate the view of the various devices by simple clicking in the questionnaire to check up if the adjustment works well.
Possible views are: desktop, tablet and smartphone.

Attention by individual CSS adjustments in the layout configurator
With the CSS editor in the layout configurator you can make further adjustments to your survey layout. These have an impact on the mobile view of the surveys, too. If you have displaced the status bar for example, that will also be the case in the mobile view. This can lead to undesired results. Therefore, look for advice if you are working with the CSS editor. Certain changes with special commands changes can be stored only for specific device (resolutions).