Topic: Survey setup

Dynamic question / answer structure with question and answer piping

(Business and Company Package only)
Answer piping is useful if you want to fill question texts individually, originating from the participant's answers or if you want to create new answers according to the previous answers. You can place the participant's answers in a following question or answer option and respond to participant behaviour.

To activate the function, please open the settings of your survey and activate the option.

Answer Piping Questionnaire

Answer Piping survey

Basically there are two options to display the given answers in a follow-up question:
  • All answers: If you want to display all given answers in a follow-up question, you only have to set the question number as a placeholder. Example: [Q5]. With the placeholder [Q5] all given answers from question 5 will be listed in your follow-up question, separated by commas.
  • Individual answers: If you only want to display one or a few specified answers, enter the question and answer number (counted from top to bottom). Example: [Q5-A1],[Q5-A3]. This statement only shows the first and third answers if the participant has chosen any of these. While none of the referred answers were chosen, nothing is handed over.
Answer piping works for following pages only, not within one question page. For testing purpose, please use the 'live' survey! By now, due to technical reasons, it is not possible to test in the survey preview.