Topic: Survey setup

Questions & Answers


What happens if I activate randomization of pages, questions or answers in a running survey?
If you activate a randomization of pages, questions or answers in an ongoing survey, the new settings will only appear for new participants. For those who already started their survey participation, even if they have have interrupted the survey to continue later, the randomization will not appear.

What happens to the participants who are in the survey while I change an existing randomization?
The change of a randomization behaves as follows:
  • Changing the randomization of questions & answers on the fly
    All participants who have not arrived to the changed page, will see the new settings when they enter the survey page. For participants who have already completed the survey page, the changes will not apply. For participants who have left the survey right on this page and return, the randomization cannot be disabled on this page. Due to technical reasons, no randomization is possible in this case.
  • Changing the randomization with a newly added page in an ongoing survey
    When a new page is added to a running survey and it is randomized, the new page is only visible for new participants. For active participants, or participants who return the survey later, the new page is not visible.