Topic: Survey setup

Personalize survey content by means of placeholders

With placeholders, you can show personalized content to each participant. Adress by the name, or other specialized content.

In a seminar context you want to address each participant personally in the survey and call the instructor by name. To do so, create a participant list which holds all the required data:

Personalize participant list

In the survey you can arrange the placeholders for the imported data from the participant list the way it should be displayed:

Personalize questionnaire build up

If the participants open the survey, the information will be displayed:

Personalize survey

The following use of placeholders are possible:
  • Placeholders from the participant list
    All columns and their content from the participant list can be used in the placeholders. The stored data is automatically visible in the survey, once it was connected by the placeholders:

    [Reference_Text]   (ATTENTION: The placeholder "Reference_Text" personalizes the results.)

  • Placeholders from the 'variables & parameters' on survey link
    If you use variables & parameters for the survey link, you can use placeholders to display them in the survey, too.

    Classify your participants via survey link according to the city they live in.

    If you place the variable 'city' as placeholder [city] in the survey, the parameter (Hamburg) will be shown to the participants.

    Personalize survey by parameter questionnaire

    Personalize survey by parameter
  • System-side placeholders
    Another placeholder is the member ID (consecutive subscriber number) or the assigned personal ID:

Please mind the correct spelling of all placeholders. In case of a typo or other error the content for the placeholders cannot be matched and displayed.