Topic: Survey setup

Questions & Answers


Can elements be moved to other sites?
Yes, you can move elements to each position and across pages. Select the element and keep the 'Move' button pressed. Then you can move the element to a new position or page by drag & drop.

Why doesn't my video start playing?
For technical reasons it is not possible to show the 'real' video in the questionnaire builder. Therefore you only see a black screen on the page. In the survey preview and the activated survey the videos are visible and playable.

Why is it impossible to place any questions on the welcome and final page?
The welcome and final page is an information page. On these two pages, you can communicate with your participant. However, if you want to start right with the first question page, you can disable the welcome page in the survey settings. The final page can be disabled and activated with an automatic forwarding.

Can the survey be built with multiple pages?
Yes. You can add any number of pages and structure the survey on multiple pages.