Topic: Survey setup

Question type: Ranking

With the ranking question the participants can rank several items in an individual order. Thus you can determine which alternative receives the highest approval.

survey question type ranking

Settings and options of the ranking question type:

"n/a" No statement
Through the activation of "n/a" (No statement) the participants can refrain from answering. Recommended setting for a mandatory question.

Participants "must at least/ must at most / must exactly" give X Answers
With this option you can specify the minimum, maximum or exact number of answers to be given by the participants.

Internal value
The internal value allows you to replace the answers of the participants through a pre-defined value for the export (Excel, CSV and SPSS). Like this you can edit the output value in the export for further processing.
The participants should bring the following sentences in a proper order for him:
• My favorite ice cream flavor
• My second favorite ice cream flavor
• My third favorite ice cream flavor

In Excel or SPSS such information may not be useful, so you can just replace it with other values.

My favorite ice cream flavor = 1
My second favorite ice cream flavor = 2
My third favorite ice cream flavor = 3

In the export the numbers will appear instead of the text answer options.
The placement of an internal value can be edited at any time. Whether while creating the question or after the survey to optimize the data for export.

Required question
This allows you to declare the issue as a required question. The participant has to answer to this question before he can move to the next page.

If you select this option the answer choices for each participant are displayed in random order.

Additional text box under the question
With this option you can place a text box directly under the question, e.g. for comments. The text field can be defined freely in its width and row height.

Help icon (tooltip)
With this option, help texts or further information can be placed behind a help icon next to the question title.

“no statement” button to didn't answer the question
This option is useful if you have a mandatory question. It allows the participants to continue the survey, even if they don't want to give an answer.

Upload ImageIn addition to uploading an image directly into the questionnaire, you can also upload an image into the question. The advantage is, that you can place an image between the question line and the answer options.


Points calculation in the results
In the results (data table) you will get a sort ranking by positions automatically. The highest ranked option with the highest score is shown in the first row. The second is in second, etc.

The points are calculated as follows:

You have assigned three "ranking options" and "No statement".
1 chocolate
2 strawberry
3 vanilla
+ No statement

So there are max. 3 points (3 Ranking options) to assign. If a ranking option is set to the first position, it receives 3 points. In the second position 2 points and in third place 1 point. For "No statement" there are no points counted.
In the end, the points are added up and divided by the number of participants who answered this question.