Topic: Survey setup

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How can I set text in (bold) or italic (oblique) in the question and answer lines?
If you want to set in a question or answer line words in Bold or Italic, you can do this through HMTL code. The commands are:

For Bold
<b> this text appears in bold </b>

For Italic
<i> this text appears in italic </i>

HTML code must always start with a open tag in angle brackets <  > and a closing tag at the end, also in angle brackets . To close a tag a / must set before the command. The command in this case is the b for Bold and i for the Italic.

<b> ... </b>
<i> ... </i>

Can I enter the internal value for the evaluation, while survey is running or at the end?

The internal value can be activated and entered at any time. You can also make changes to the values at any time. Once you export the results, the stored data will be generated for export right at that moment.

Therefore, you can assign internal values even at the end, or export the data without an internal value.

If this option is activated, and no values were entered, the normal responses of the participants are displayed. This means, you do not need to set a value for each option. You can set only the first and third, or the last value.