Topic: Survey setup

Basics of filters and jumps

With Filters/ Jumps you can redirect the participants within your survey. This feature allows you to split the participants into target groups and only show the relevant questions to each group.

Maybe you want to carry out an employee survey all across the company, and get various feedback according to the different divisions. At this point a filter/ jump is ideal to split the individual divisions and later, merge them again.

Proceed as follows:
First you create a multiple choice question (only one answer possible), which allows you to determine the department membership

Page 1:
What department are you working for?
a) Production
b) Marketing
c) Sales

After that you create a specific question page for each department.

Page 2: Questions for production
Page 3: Questions for marketing
Page 4: Questions for sales

Page 5: Merger of paths and unified progress for the rest of the survey

After you have created individual pages, go on page 1 to the filter settings of the filter initiating question. Click on "Filter" and enter the page number for each group.

To rejoin the participants, activate the filters/ jumps to page 5 at the bottom of the pages 2, 3 and 4. 
Be aware of loopings
We recommend to activate Filters/ Jumps only only for complete surveys, once all pages and content elements are designed. This helps to avoid infinite loops. To test the filters/ jumps just open the survey preview. You should click through the survey from the perspective of each participant group to check.