Topic: Survey setup

Question type: Rating

With the rating question you can implement classic assessments. The number of ratings can be adjusted individually. In addition to stars and hearts are a total of 10 different icons to choose, which fits best for your situation.

survey question type rating

Settings and options of the rating question:

Choose from 10 different icons: stars, hearts, users, thumbs up, circles, crowns, diamonds, mortarboards, checks and smileys.

Number of ratings
Up to 10 gradations can be selected as desired.

The alignment of the icons (left - center - right) may also be freely chosen.

Required question
This function allows you to declare the issue as a mandatory question. The participant must answer the question, otherwise he is not able to move on to the next page.

Additional text box under the question
With this option you can place a text box directly under the question, e.g. for comments. The text field can be defined freely in its width and row height.

Help icon (tooltip)
With this option, help texts or further information can be placed behind a help icon next to the question title.

“no statement” button to not answer the question
This option is useful if you have a mandatory question. It allows the participants to continue the survey, even if they don't want to give an answer.

Upload Image
In addition to uploading an image directly into the questionnaire, you can also upload an image into the question. The advantage is, that you can place an image between the question line and the answer options.