Topic: Survey setup

Question Type: Sweepstake / Newsletter

With the sweepstake and newsletter question you can query the required participation data for a sweepstake or newsletter. On request, this can be perfomed detached from the rest of the anonymously conducted survey.

survey question type sweepstake newsletter

Settings and options of the sweepstake / newsletter question type:

Data separately and therefore detect anonymously to the survey
With this option the given data is recorded separately and cannot be connected to the rest of the participant's responses (anonymous survey). The evaluation will display the results in a random order, to ensure that no backtracing is possible.

Check gender of the participant
By activating this option you can query the gender of the participants.

Text field for conditions of participation
If you activate this option, a text field opens where you can place the conditions for a sweepstake / newsletter.

Terms to Participation must be accepted
By activating this option, the participant must agree to the Terms and Conditions. Otherwise, he cannot participate in the sweepstake or get the newsletter.

Required question
This allows you to declare the issue as a mandatory question. The participant has to answer this question before he can move to the next page.

Help icon (tooltip)
With this option, help texts or further information can be placed behind a help icon next to the question title.

“no statement” button to not answer the question
This option is useful if you have a mandatory question. It allows the participants to continue the survey, even if they don't want to give an answer.

Validate text boxes
With the option „Validate text boxes“ you can predefine the format for the entering of text answers. Possible formats are
  • Character length
  • Integer
  • Decimal number
  • Date
  • Email
  • Website URL

Upload Image
In addition to uploading an image directly into the questionnaire, you can also upload an image into the question. The advantage is, that you can place an image between the question line and the answer options.